Makima: The Evil Reincarnate

Makima is the main antagonist of the manga series “Chainsaw Man“. She is the Special Division 4’s director and a key figure in the Public Safety Bureau. Makima is a beautiful and intelligent woman who is known for her manipulative and sadistic personality. She is also a powerful Devil Hunter who wields the power of control. Makima’s goal is to collect all the Devil Contracts in the world and use them to control humanity. She believes that humans are inherently weak and that only by controlling them can she create a better world.



Makima’s personality is multifaceted, making her both captivating and elusive. She possesses an air of confidence and authority, often displaying a calm and collected demeanor.

Makima is highly intelligent, manipulative, and strategic, possessing an uncanny ability to read and control others.

Her actions and motives remain shrouded in mystery, adding to her allure and unpredictability.

Physical Statistics:

Height    5’8″
Weight130 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Blood Type AB



Makima exudes an aura of elegance and sophistication in her appearance. She often adorns herself in formal attire, wearing a black suit with matching pants.

Her hair is neatly styled, and she carries herself with grace and poise, leaving a lasting impression on those she encounters.

Makima’s background:

Makima’s background in the manga series “Chainsaw Man” remains largely mysterious, leaving readers intrigued and speculating about her origins and past.

She is introduced as a member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, an organization tasked with eliminating demonic threats.

It becomes apparent that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Hints about Makima’s background are scattered throughout the story, offering glimpses into her enigmatic past.

The manga author, Tatsuki Fujimoto, deliberately keeps her origins vague, allowing readers to form their theories and interpretations.

While the exact details of her background are not explicitly revealed, it is suggested that Makima possesses a deep knowledge of demonic creatures and their weaknesses.

She displays exceptional tactical skills and a calculated approach to achieving her goals.

Her ability to manipulate and control others hints at a complex history that shaped her into the enigmatic figure she has become.

Makima’s past is further shrouded in mystery by a hidden scar on her left shoulder.

This scar serves as a visual reminder of a past event or trauma, fueling speculation about the events that shaped her character and motivations.

Throughout the series, Makima’s actions and interactions with other characters raise questions about her true nature and intentions.

Her ambiguous background adds an element of suspense and intrigue, keeping readers engaged and eager to uncover the secrets behind her enigmatic persona.

Overall, the precise details of Makima’s background remain intentionally obscured, allowing readers to form their interpretations and theories.

This deliberate vagueness adds depth to her character, making her an intriguing and enigmatic presence within the “Chainsaw Man” universe.

Makima 2


Makima forms alliances with various characters throughout the “Chainsaw Man” series, though her true motives behind these alliances often remain obscured. Here are some notable allies she encounters:

NOTE: It should be noted that it is later found out that Makima is not what it seems and what looked liked allies mean nothing to her.

Denji: Denji is the series’ protagonist and initially forms a close working relationship with Makima.

Despite their alliance, there are underlying tensions and power dynamics at play, as Denji questions Makima’s intentions and true allegiance.

Aki Hayakawa: Aki is another member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and becomes a key ally to Makima.

They work together on various missions and share a complex dynamic, with Aki initially harboring feelings of suspicion and mistrust toward her.

Makima is found responsible for Aki’s murder.

Power: Power is a devil and a fellow Public Safety Devil Hunters member. While their relationship begins with hatred and rivalry.

They eventually form an uneasy alliance, driven by shared objectives.

Makima kills Power in Chapter 81.

Public Safety Devil Hunters: Makima holds a position of authority within the organization and has alliances with several members. These alliances are often based on shared goals and the need to combat demonic threats.

It is important to note that Makima’s alliances are often shrouded in ambiguity, and her true motives and loyalty remain a subject of speculation throughout the series. The nature of these alliances and the extent to which she can be trusted are constant sources of tension and intrigue for readers. As the story progresses, the complex web of alliances and relationships surrounding Makima unfolds, revealing unexpected twists and turning the tide of events.


Makima, with her enigmatic nature and controversial actions, has amassed a considerable number of enemies throughout the “Chainsaw Man” series.

These adversaries stand against her pursuit of power, control, and manipulation. Here are some notable enemies she encounters:

Gun Devil: The Gun Devil is a powerful demonic entity that becomes a prominent antagonist in the series.

Makima’s relentless pursuit of the Gun Devil’s power and her manipulation of events surrounding it make her a primary target of the Gun Devil’s wrath.

Darkness Devil: The Darkness Devil is another formidable enemy that opposes Makima’s ambitions.

As a powerful force embodying darkness and fear, it represents a direct challenge to Makima’s control and influence.

Demonic Factions: Makima’s actions and manipulation attract the attention and opposition of various demonic factions.

These groups seek to undermine her plans and thwart her quest for dominance.

Human Opposition: Makima’s controversial methods and disregard for individual lives garner opposition from human factions as well. Those who perceive her as a threat to their values, freedom, or personal interests become adversaries in her intricate web of power struggles.

The enemies Makima encounters throughout the series add layers of conflict and tension to the narrative. They serve as obstacles, challenging her authority, unraveling her plans, and posing existential threats to her goals. The confrontations with these enemies contribute to the overall intensity and suspense of the story, as well as the exploration of the complex moral landscape within “Chainsaw Man.”

Makima meets Denji
Makima meets Denji

Game Plot:

Makima’s involvement in the game plot of “Chainsaw Man” introduces an additional layer of excitement and suspense to the overall story.

As players dive into the game, they encounter Makima in unexpected ways, leading to unpredictable twists and turns in the narrative.

Here are some key aspects of her involvement in the game plot:

Enigmatic Quests: Makima assigns players with enigmatic quests that challenge their decision-making skills and force them to navigate morally ambiguous situations.

These quests often present players with difficult choices and branching paths, with far-reaching consequences.

Strategic Maneuvering: Makima is a master of manipulation and strategy, and her game plot involvement reflects these traits.

Players must decipher her true motives and navigate through her intricate web of schemes and power plays.

Moral Dilemmas: Makima’s presence in the game plot introduces moral dilemmas, forcing players to question their values and make tough decisions.

The choices they make can influence the course of the game’s storyline and shape the outcome.

Unpredictable Twists: Makima’s involvement in the game plot is filled with unexpected twists and turns, keeping players on their toes.

Just when they think they have figured out her plans, she unveils new layers of complexity, surprising both players and in-game characters alike.

Confrontations and Alliances: Throughout the game, players may find themselves in confrontations or uneasy alliances with Makima.

These interactions test their skills, intelligence, and ability to navigate the intricate dynamics of the game world.

Revelation of Secrets: Makima’s involvement in the game plot gradually reveals secrets and hidden truths about her character and the world of “Chainsaw Man.”

Players uncover snippets of her mysterious past and gain insights into her motivations and true nature.

The game plot involving Makima adds depth, intrigue, and a sense of urgency to the gaming experience.

Players must unravel the enigma surrounding her character, making choices that impact the outcome of the game’s narrative. The unpredictable nature of her involvement keeps players engaged, constantly guessing, and eager to discover the truth behind her enigmatic persona.

Top 10 Quotes:

  • “Power comes at a cost. Are you willing to pay it?”
  • “In this world, only the strong survive. Remember that.”
  • “Trust is a luxury you can’t afford.”
  • “Fear is a powerful weapon. Exploit it.”
  • “Every move is calculated. There are no accidents.”
  • “The line between hero and villain is a blurred one.”
  • “Power is not given, it is taken.”
  • “Control the mind, control the outcome.”
  • “In chaos lies opportunity.”
  • “Remember, nothing is what it seems.”

Top 15 Trivia Facts:

  1. Makima’s name is derived from the Japanese word “mama,” meaning “mother”
  2. Her character design was inspired by classical femme fatale archetypes.
  3. Makima’s favorite food is black coffee with a hint of cinnamon.
  4. She possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of demonic creatures and their weaknesses.
  5. Makima is ambidextrous, and proficient in using firearms with both hands.
  6. She smokes a cigarette similar to the Japanese tobacco brand “hi-lite.”
  7. Makima’s favorite color is midnight blue.
  8. She is an exceptional chess player and enjoys strategic games.
  9. Makima’s character was inspired by Machiavellian principles of power and manipulation.
  10. She despises incompetence and values efficiency above all else.
  11. Makima has an affinity for classical music and often listens to it during moments of reflection.
  12. She possesses a hidden scar on her left shoulder, hinting at a mysterious past event.
  13. Makima can speak five languages fluently, including English, French, and German.
  14. Her signature scent is a custom-made perfume with notes of sandalwood and jasmine.
  15. Makima’s character was created to challenge traditional notions of morality and authority.

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Makima’s complex and enigmatic character has made a lasting impression on readers of “Chainsaw Man.” Her personality, physical attributes, alliances, and adversaries contribute to the depth and intrigue surrounding her role in the story. As the series unfolds, readers eagerly anticipate unraveling the mysteries and motivations of this captivating character. Makima’s allure lies in her ability to blur the lines between hero and villain, leaving readers enthralled and eager to discover the truth that lies beneath her enigmatic facade.

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