Lester Crest: The Criminal Mastermind Hacker

Lester Crest is a fan-favorite character from the Grand Theft Auto series. He is a criminal mastermind hacker who has helped numerous protagonists of the series in their criminal activities. Lester is a man of mystery, intelligence, and wit, with a keen sense of humor that has earned him a special place in the hearts of gamers worldwide.

Lester Crest
Lester Crest


Lester Crest is a brilliant strategist and a master of hacking. He has a quick wit and a sharp tongue, which make him an entertaining character to watch.

Lester Crest is not afraid to speak his mind and is often brutally honest, even if it means hurting someone’s feelings.

Despite his no-nonsense attitude, Lester has a soft spot for those he cares about and is always willing to lend a helping hand.


Lester Crest’s background is shrouded in mystery, but the game provides some information about his early life.

He was born in the Midwest, but his family moved to Los Santos when he was young. As a child, Lester suffered from a medical condition that left him physically weak and unable to participate in sports or other physical activities.

Instead, Lester turned to the internet and taught himself how to code. Lester Crest developed a keen interest in hacking and became a skilled hacker, using his skills to bypass security systems and gather information.

Lester’s hacking abilities soon caught the attention of the criminal underworld, and he began working for various criminal organizations as a hacker and strategist.

He uses his intelligence and hacking skills to help others, often risking his safety in the process.

Lester’s background and character development add depth to his role in the game and make him one of the most intriguing characters in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Lester Crest walks with a cane
Lester Crest walks with a cane


Lester Crest has a unique appearance that makes him instantly recognizable in the game.

He is a middle-aged man with a slim build and a hunched posture, giving him a somewhat nerdy and unassuming appearance.

Lester has a bald head and a scruffy, unkempt beard, adding to his unconventional appearance.

In terms of clothing, Lester has a distinctive sense of style. Lester Crest is often seen wearing a brown plaid shirt and khaki pants, which have become his signature outfit.

He also wears a pair of black sneakers and black-framed glasses, which give him a nerdy look.

Despite his unconventional appearance, Lester exudes confidence and authority, making him a formidable presence in any situation.


As a hacker and strategist, Lester does not carry weapons. Instead, Lester Crest relies on his intelligence and hacking skills to help his allies succeed in their criminal activities.


Lester Crest has worked with numerous criminal organizations and protagonists throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. He has a close friendship with Michael De Santa, and the two have worked together on multiple occasions. He has also worked with Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton, and other characters throughout the series.


As a criminal mastermind, Lester has made many enemies throughout the series. His hacking skills have made him a valuable asset to criminal organizations, but they have also made him a target for law enforcement agencies and rival criminal organizations.

Appearances In Missions

Lester Crest plays a crucial role in the story mode of Grand Theft Auto V, and he appears in several missions throughout the game. Here are some of his most notable appearances:

Friend Request” – Lester’s first appearance in the game is during this mission, where he helps Michael hack into a rival’s phone and gather information on him.

Casing the Jewel Store” – Lester accompanies Michael and Franklin on this mission to plan a heist on a jewelry store. He provides them with valuable information about the store’s security and layout.

The Big Score” – This is the final heist of the game, and Lester plays a key role in planning and executing it. He also takes part in the heist itself, using his technological expertise to help the team break into the vault and escape.

Three’s Company” – Lester appears in this mission, where he helps Michael and Franklin kidnap a billionaire businessman and bring him to a meeting with his rival, Devin Weston.

Monkey Business” – Lester assists Michael and Trevor in stealing a submarine from a military base, which they use to retrieve sensitive data from an offshore oil rig.

The Wrap-Up” – In this mission, Lester helps Michael and Franklin track down and eliminate several corrupt police officers who are threatening to expose their criminal activities.

Lester Crest In The Open
Lester Crest In The Open

Top Quotes

Lester Crest is known for his quick wit and sharp tongue. Here are some of his most memorable quotes from the Grand Theft Auto series:

  • “You’re only paranoid if you’re wrong.”
  • “If you’re not a little scared, you’re not doing it right.”
  • “Ah, good to see you, slick. Devoted husband. You know, I think he’s been cheating on me for years.”
  • “That’s the point. It’ll be like fighting a shadow.”
  • “The mark has a ton of guys on this job, and half of them are ex-CIA or some other big-deal government contractor. So, you know, don’t take them lightly.”
  • “You know, you’re a nice guy, but you’re just not that good at this life.”

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  1. Lester Crest’s appearance and mannerisms are based on a real-life hacker and security expert named Kevin Mitnick.
  2. Lester has a tattoo of a QR code on his neck that, when scanned, leads to the Rockstar Games website.
  3. Lester is a fan of the in-game TV show “Impotent Rage,” a satirical take on superhero shows.
  4. In the mission “The Big Score” in GTA V, Lester reveals that he has a fear of heights.
  5. Lester’s name is likely a nod to the infamous criminal Lester Joseph Gillis, also known as “Baby Face Nelson,” who was a notorious bank robber during the 1930s.
  6. In the game’s online mode, Lester is the only non-playable character who can initiate heists.
  7. In GTA V, Lester has a unique ability called “Lester’s Abilities,” which allows players to locate targets, remove wanted levels, and even rig explosives remotely.
  8. Lester’s voice actor, Jay Klaitz, is a well-known character actor who has appeared in films like The Wolf of Wall Street and television shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
  9. Lester’s signature plaid shirt is a reference to the character Steve Urkel from the 90s sitcom Family Matters.
  10. In GTA V, Lester’s car is a Benefactor Schafter, a luxury sedan that he uses to get around the city.
  11. In the game’s story mode, Lester’s first appearance is during the mission “Friend Request,” in which he helps the protagonist, Michael, hack into a rival’s phone.
  12. In the game’s online mode, players can purchase a “Lester’s Factory” nightclub, which is named after the character.
  13. Lester’s home is located in El Burro Heights, a gritty neighborhood in the southern part of Los Santos. The interior of his home is filled with computer equipment and other high-tech gadgets, reflecting his love of technology.
  14. Lester has a condition called “dysthymia,” which is a type of chronic depression. This is referenced in the game during a conversation with Michael, where Lester talks about his mental health struggles.
  15. Lester is a fan of the virtual reality game “Gogglebox,” which is a reference to the real-life game “Gogglebox TV.”
  16. In the game’s story mode, Lester suffers from a rare bone disease that requires him to use a wheelchair. However, he is still able to move around and perform his duties thanks to his technological expertise.
  17. In the game’s online mode, players can access “Lester’s Contact Service,” which allows them to use Lester’s abilities to gain an advantage in various missions and heists.
  18. Lester is one of the few characters in the game who is never seen engaging in any romantic relationships, reflecting his focus on his criminal activities and his love of technology.
  19. Lester has a love of music, and he often listens to classical music and opera while working on his computer.
  20. Lester’s glasses have a special feature that allows him to see thermal imaging, which is useful for spying on potential targets and gathering information.


Q: What disability does Lester Crest have?

A: Lester is wheelchair-bound due to worn-out motor skills caused by a wasting disease. He can walk for short distances using a cane. Due to restricted movement, he has gained weight and suffers from asthma as well.

Q: Is Lester Crest a hacker?

A: Yes, Lester Crest is a hacker. Due to the disease, he suffers from, he can’t move much and therefore he spent his time with computers and became an expert hacker.

Q: How much is Lester Crest worth?

A: The net worth of Lester Crest is not exactly disclosed but he has made a good amount of money. He himself has claimed that he has more money than he can spend.

Q: Who is Lester’s girlfriend in GTA 5?

A: Georgina Cheng and Lester Crest seem to be romantically involved. Both of them can be seen sharing a kiss after the Diamond Casino Heist.


Lester Crest is one of the most beloved characters in the Grand Theft Auto series. His intelligence, wit, and hacking skills make him an essential member of any criminal organization or protagonist’s team. He has made a significant impact on the game’s plot and has helped players execute numerous heists successfully. Lester’s memorable quotes and quirky personality have endeared him to gamers worldwide. He is a true mastermind and one of the most exciting characters in the Grand Theft Auto universe.

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