Marcus Holloway: Vigilante Fighting for Justice

Marcus Holloway is the protagonist of the video game “Watch Dogs 2” developed by Ubisoft. The game revolves around a group of hackers known as DedSec, and Marcus is one of the members of the group. Marcus is a tech-savvy vigilante who fights against the corrupt establishment and corporate giants in San Francisco. He is known for his hacking skills, agility, and intelligence, which he uses to uncover and expose the hidden agendas of powerful corporations.

Marcus Holloway


Marcus Holloway is a charismatic and confident individual who believes in justice and fairness. He is highly intelligent, and analytical, and has a passion for technology. Marcus is a natural leader who inspires his fellow DedSec members to fight against the system. He is also known for his sense of humor, which often lightens up the mood in tense situations. Marcus is a very driven and determined individual who is willing to go to any length to achieve his goals.

Physical Statistics:

Marcus Holloway is depicted as a young African-American man in the game, with a height of 6’0″ and a muscular build. He has short black hair, brown eyes, and a well-groomed beard. Marcus weighs around 180 lbs and has a fit body due to his athletic abilities.


Marcus Holloways was born and raised in Oakland, California, and was involved in several minor offenses during his teenage years. However, after a brief stint in juvenile detention, Marcus turned his life around and pursued a degree in Computer Science. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and landed a job at Blume Corporation, a technology giant that he later discovers is involved in unethical practices. This discovery leads Marcus to join DedSec, and he becomes an integral part of the group.

Marcus Holloway 2


Marcus Holloway is often seen wearing a black DedSec hoodie, black jeans, and a pair of sneakers. He also wears a green bandana around his neck, which he uses to cover his face during hacking operations. Marcus has a casual yet stylish fashion sense, which reflects his personality.


Marcus is not known for his combat skills, but he can defend himself using his hacking abilities and parkour skills. He is seen using a stun gun and a 3D-printed gun in the game, but he mainly relies on his hacking skills to complete missions.


Marcus Holloway has several allies in the game who play crucial roles in the plot and help him in his fight against the establishment. Here are some of his notable allies:

Wrench – Wrench is a member of DedSec and one of Marcus’s closest allies. He is known for his eccentric personality and love for destruction. Wrench is a skilled mechanic and engineer who creates various gadgets for the team, including the Quadcopter and the Jumper.

Sitara – Sitara is another member of DedSec and Marcus’s friend. She is responsible for the group’s visual branding and creates various artworks and designs for the team. Sitara is also an expert in social media and helps the team gain public support for their cause.

Josh – Josh is a brilliant hacker and programmer who joins DedSec after Marcus recruits him. He is socially awkward but highly intelligent and provides crucial technical support to the team.

Horatio – Horatio is a former gang member who joins DedSec after Marcus saves his life. He is a skilled driver and provides support to the team during vehicle-based missions.

T-Bone – T-Bone is a legendary hacker who appears in the game’s DLC, “Human Conditions.” He is a mentor to Marcus and guides him during the game’s events.

Marcus’s allies play a significant role in the game’s plot, providing support to him during missions and helping him uncover the hidden agendas of powerful corporations. They also provide a sense of camaraderie and friendship to Marcus Holloway, highlighting the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving a common goal.

Marcus Holloway 3


Marcus Holloway faces several enemies in Watch Dogs 2, including powerful corporations, corrupt government officials, and rival hacker groups. Here are some of his notable enemies:

Blume Corporation – Blume is a powerful technology company that controls ctOS 2.0, the operating system that controls the city’s infrastructure. Marcus and DedSec target Blume throughout the game, exposing their corruption and manipulation of the city’s citizens.

Dušan Nemec – Dušan is the CEO of Nudle, a tech company that partners with Blume. He is a primary antagonist in the game and a master manipulator who seeks to control the city for his benefit.

Mary Catskills – Mary is the head of the FBI’s San Francisco field office and a secondary antagonist in the game. She is obsessed with capturing DedSec and uses illegal methods to achieve her goals.

The Tezcas – The Tezcas is a violent gang that operates in San Francisco. They are enemies of DedSec and pose a threat to Marcus and his allies throughout the game.

Prime Eight – Prime Eight is a rival hacker group that opposes DedSec’s methods and goals. They seek to discredit DedSec and turn public opinion against them.

Marcus Holloway and his allies must navigate through a complex web of enemies and obstacles to achieve their goals. They face constant threats and danger, highlighting the risks involved in fighting against powerful corporations and government agencies. However, Marcus’s determination and skills allow him to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious in the end.

Game Plot:

Watch Dogs 2 follows the story of Marcus Holloway, a skilled hacker, and member of the hacktivist group DedSec, who seeks to take down the corrupt corporations and government officials that control the city of San Francisco.

The game begins with Marcus Holloway being wrongly accused of a crime by the ctOS 2.0 system, which is controlled by the powerful technology company Blume. After being cleared of the charges, Marcus joins DedSec, a group of hackers who are fighting against the corruption and oppression of the city’s authorities.

As Marcus and DedSec continue their mission, they uncover a complex web of corruption involving Blume, the FBI, and other powerful corporations. They discover that these organizations are using ctOS 2.0 to manipulate and control the city’s citizens for their benefit.

Marcus and his allies use their hacking skills and intelligence to infiltrate and expose these organizations, gaining public support for their cause and attracting the attention of the media. However, they also face several obstacles and enemies along the way, including the FBI, rival hacker groups, and violent gangs.

Throughout the game, Marcus Holloway and DedSec embark on several missions and quests, each one requiring different skills and strategies. They use a variety of gadgets and tools, including drones, RC cars, and hacking devices, to achieve their objectives and overcome their enemies.

As the game progresses, Marcus Holloway becomes a more skilled hacker and a leader of DedSec, inspiring others to join their cause and fight for justice and freedom. In the end, Marcus Holloway and his allies succeed in taking down the corrupt organizations and freeing the city from their control, bringing about a new era of hope and progress.

The game’s plot is a commentary on the power of technology and the dangers of corporate and government surveillance. It highlights the importance of individual freedom and privacy and the role of citizen activism in achieving social change. Watch Dogs 2’s engaging and thought-provoking storyline has earned it critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

Top Quotes:

  • “I’m not a hacker. I’m a DedSec hacker.”
  • “We are DedSec. We are not your enemy. We are your wake-up call.”
  • “I’m not here to make things worse. I’m here to help.”
  • “There’s a war out there. A war for control of the future.”
  • “I refuse to be a pawn in someone else’s game.”


  1. Marcus Holloway was born and raised in Oakland, California.
  2. Marcus is 24 years old at the beginning of the game.
  3. Marcus’s mother was wrongly accused of a crime by ctOS, leading to her wrongful conviction.
  4. Marcus’s hacking alias is “Retr0.”
  5. Marcus has a younger sister named Lena, who is mentioned in the game’s storyline.
  6. Watch Dogs 2 features several Easter eggs and references to other Ubisoft games, including Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry.
  7. Marcus’s voice actor is Ruffin Prentiss, who also provided the voice for Marcus in the game’s DLC.
  8. The game’s development team worked with real-life hackers to ensure the game’s hacking mechanics were as realistic as possible.
  9. Watch Dogs 2 was initially set to be released in November 2016 but was delayed to November 2016 to give the development team more time to polish the game.
  10. The game features several playable characters, including Marcus, Wrench, Sitara, and Josh.
  11. The game’s world is set in an open-world environment, allowing players to explore the city of San Francisco freely.
  12. The game features several different endings, depending on the player’s choices throughout the game.
  13. Watch Dogs 2 received critical acclaim for its improved gameplay mechanics and more engaging storyline compared to the first game in the series.
  14. The game features several references to real-life political and social issues, including police brutality and corporate greed.
  15. The game’s soundtrack features several popular songs from various genres, including hip-hop, rock, and electronic.

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Marcus Holloway is a compelling and relatable character in the video game world. His story of overcoming his troubled past and fighting against the establishment resonates with players. Marcus’s combination of intelligence, tech-savvy skills, and athleticism makes him a formidable protagonist in the game. He is a representation of the power of technology in the hands of those who seek justice and change. Watch Dogs 2 showcases Marcus’s journey to becoming a leader and inspiring others to fight against corruption and oppression. Marcus Holloway is a character that players root for and aspire to emulate, making him a fan-favorite in the gaming community.


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