Chloe Price: The Rebel

Chloe Price is one of the main characters in the Life is Strange video game series, developed by Dontnod Entertainment and Deck Nine. The series follows high school student Max Caulfield, who discovers she has the ability to rewind time, as she navigates her relationships and uncovers a dark conspiracy in her hometown of Arcadia Bay. Chloe is Max’s childhood best friend, and the two reconnect after years apart as they investigate the disappearance of a local girl.

Choe Price


Chloe Price is rebellious, impulsive, and fiercely independent. She has a sarcastic sense of humor and a tendency to act before thinking things through.

Underneath her tough exterior, however, Chloe is deeply vulnerable and struggling with abandonment issues. She has a complex character.

She has a complicated relationship with her mother, who remarried after Chloe’s father died, and feels like she has been left behind by everyone she has ever loved.

Chloe’s character arc also explores themes of grief, trauma, and acceptance. As the series progresses, Chloe must confront the loss of her father, the abandonment of her mother, and the harsh realities of the world around her.

Through her relationship with Max and her own personal growth, Chloe learns to find hope and healing in the face of tragedy.

Another notable aspect of Chloe’s character is her sexuality. In the series, Chloe is depicted as bisexual and has romantic relationships with both Max and Rachel Amber.

Her sexuality is portrayed with sensitivity and nuance and is an important aspect of her character development.


Chloe Price has a distinctive punk rock style, with blue hair and a nose ring.

She is often seen wearing a black leather jacket, ripped jeans, and combat boots.

Her style reflects her outsider status and rebellious personality.


Chloe’s closest ally is Max, whom she has a complex and evolving relationship with throughout the series. The two girls share a deep bond and a history of childhood friendship, but their reunion after years apart is complicated by the trauma and grief they have both experienced in the interim.

As they investigate the disappearance of Rachel Amber and the dark conspiracy at the heart of the series, Chloe and Max’s relationship is tested and strained, but ultimately strengthened by their mutual support and loyalty to each other.

Chloe Price also befriends Rachel Amber, a popular and charismatic student who has gone missing.

Chloe and Rachel bond over their shared love of music, poetry, and adventure, and their relationship becomes a driving force in both Life is Strange and Before the Storm.

Other allies include Kate Marsh, a bullied student who Chloe and Max try to help, and Warren Graham, a nerdy student who has a crush on Max and is always eager to lend his technical skills to the investigation.

Chloe’s family and friends are a significant part of her character development and emotional journey throughout the series.

Her father, William, died in a car accident when she was a child, and she has never fully processed her grief and trauma from that loss.

Her mother, Joyce, remarried David Madsen, a security guard and former army veteran who Chloe sees as controlling and overbearing.

Their strained relationship is a major source of conflict throughout the series.

Chloe Price also has a complicated relationship with Rachel Amber, whose disappearance sets the events of the series in motion.

Rachel is portrayed as a charismatic and magnetic figure, but also as someone who is deeply flawed and struggling with her own demons.

As Chloe and Max investigate her disappearance, they uncover the secrets and lies that Rachel was hiding, and their perception of her is challenged and complicated.

Chloe’s relationships with her family and friends are complex and emotionally charged, reflecting the themes of grief, trauma, and healing that the series explores.

Her journey of self-discovery and acceptance is deeply intertwined with her connections to the people around her, and her relationships with Max and Rachel are at the heart of the series’ emotional impact.


Chloe Price has several enemies and antagonists throughout the Life is Strange series. One of her biggest enemies is Nathan Prescott, a wealthy and entitled student who is involved in the drug trade and other illegal activities.

Nathan is a major source of conflict in the series, and Chloe and Max’s investigation into his actions put them in danger and leads to several intense confrontations.

Chloe Price also has a contentious relationship with David Madsen, her stepfather, whom she sees as controlling and abusive.

David is a former army veteran who works as a security guard at Blackwell Academy, and he clashes with Chloe over his strict rules and his attempts to monitor and control her behavior.

Their relationship is strained throughout the series and reaches a breaking point in the climactic finale.

Finally, Chloe’s actions and choices also put her at odds with several other characters, including Frank Bowers, a drug dealer who she has a history with, and Victoria Chase, a popular and privileged student who she clashes with over their different social statuses and values.

These conflicts add depth and complexity to Chloe’s character and reflect the harsh realities of the world around her.

Game Plot

The Life is Strange series revolves around a supernatural mystery that unfolds in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon.

The story follows Chloe Price and her friend, Max Caulfield, as they investigate the disappearance of Rachel Amber and uncover a dark conspiracy that threatens the town and its residents.

In the first game, Life is Strange, Max discovers that she has the power to rewind time, and uses this ability to try and prevent a devastating storm that is predicted to destroy Arcadia Bay.

Along the way, she and Chloe uncover the truth about Rachel’s disappearance, and confront the corrupt forces that are working against them.

In the prequel game, Before the Storm, players control Chloe Price as she navigates the tumultuous events leading up to the beginning of Life is Strange.

The game explores Chloe’s relationship with Rachel Amber and delves deeper into the complex family dynamics that shape her character.

The series is known for its complex and branching narratives, which allow players to make choices and shape the story in meaningful ways.

The choices that players make throughout the series have lasting consequences and can lead to multiple different endings and outcomes.

The plot of the Life is Strange series is a captivating and emotionally resonant mystery, with compelling characters and themes of grief, trauma, and self-discovery.

The series is a unique and innovative contribution to the adventure game genre and has won critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase.


Some of Chloe’s most memorable quotes include:

  • “I’m the only one who gets to make fun of you, you hear me?” – Chloe Price
  • “I don’t want anybody to feel excluded from this process, but I also don’t want to subject anybody to anything they’re not comfortable with.” – Max Caulfield
  • “That feeling when you don’t know if you’re dreaming or you’re awake or if you’re a different person.” – Rachel Amber
  • “I can’t go back in time, but I can capture these moments in photographs.” – Max Caulfield
  • “You can’t change the past, but you can always learn from it.” – Chloe Price
  • “We all have our own problems, Max. It’s okay to ask for help.” – Kate Marsh
  • “Sometimes all I want to do is shut my eyes and tell the world to go to hell.” – Chloe Price
  • “I’ve never been shy about my love for all things analog.” – Max Caulfield
  • “Life is strange, and so are we.” – Warren Graham
  • “You can’t keep blaming yourself, Max. We all have our own demons.” – Chloe Price
  • “The best thing about having powers is having the power to change things.” – Max Caulfield
  • “I believe Max has taken what you kids call a ‘selfie,’ a dumb word for a wonderful photographic tradition.” – Mark Jefferson
  • “Life is not easy, it never was.” – David Madsen
  • “I’ll never forget that moment.” – Max Caulfield
  • “It’s always about the money.” – Frank Bowers
  • “Don’t ever touch me again, freak!” – Victoria Chase
  • “I’m more interested in finding out who I am than who my dad was.” – Chloe Price
  • “You can’t just cling to the past, Max. That’s like…eluding the inevitable.” – Samuel Taylor
  • “Don’t ever question the power of photography.” – Jefferson Davis


Chloe Price is a complex and compelling character in the Life is Strange video game series. Her rebellious personality, distinctive style, and troubled past make her a memorable presence in the games, and her relationship with Max is one of the series’ most compelling dynamics.

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