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Mae Borowski is the protagonist of Night in the Woods, a critically acclaimed indie game developed by Infinite Fall and published by Finji. It was released in 2017. The game starts with Mae’s return to her hometown of Possum Springs, where she reunites with her old friends and tries to reconnect with the town’s inhabitants. Mae is a college dropout who is trying to figure out her place in the world, struggling with the anxieties and fears that come with growing up.

Mae Borowski


Mae Borowski is a complex character who struggles with her identity and her place in the world. She is sarcastic, funny, and charming, but also prone to outbursts of anger and melancholy.

Mae has a strong sense of empathy, which makes her relatable to the people around her, but she also tends to push people away.

Mae is also a curious character who is interested in learning more about the world around her.

She is a voracious reader and spends much of her time exploring the town and discovering its secrets.

Despite her flaws, Mae is a resilient character who is determined to find her place in the world.


Mae Borowski is a cute, anthropomorphic cat with a rebellious streak.

She has a round face, large eyes, and long ears, and is often seen wearing a black hoodie and jeans.

Her hoodie has a skull on it, which serves as a symbol of her rebellious nature.

Mae’s appearance reflects her personality – she is cute and charming but also has a darker side.


Mae Borowski has several allies in Night in the Woods, each of whom plays an important role in her story and character development.

Gregg is Mae’s best friend, and their friendship forms the emotional core of the game.

Gregg is a carefree and impulsive young man who works at a convenience store and spends his free time with Mae, engaging in silly hijinks and exploring the town.

Despite his rough exterior, Gregg is fiercely loyal to Mae and is always there for her when she needs him.

He also struggles with his issues, including his relationship with his boyfriend, Angus, and his uncertain future.

Bea is another of Mae’s friends, although their relationship is more complicated than her friendship with Gregg.

Bea is a serious and driven young woman who works at her family’s hardware store, and she often clashes with Mae’s more carefree attitude.

However, the two gradually develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other, and Bea becomes one of Mae’s most important confidants.

Angus is Gregg’s boyfriend and another of Mae’s allies. He is a quiet and introverted young man who works as a programmer and often finds himself caught between Gregg’s carefree attitude and his desire for stability and security.

Like Mae and Gregg, Angus struggles with his insecurities and anxieties, and he finds solace and support in his relationship with Gregg.

Finally, there is Germ, a strange and mysterious young man who hangs around the town’s abandoned train station.

Germ is a bit of an outsider, but he quickly becomes a close friend and confidant to Mae, offering her a unique perspective on the town and its history.

Together, Mae’s friends form a tight-knit group that supports and challenges her throughout her journey of self-discovery.

They are each flawed and complicated individuals, but they are also fiercely loyal and caring, and their relationships with Mae form the heart of the game’s narrative.

Mae Borowski
Car Trashing


Mae Borowski doesn’t have any specific enemies in the game, but she does struggle with her relationships with some of the townspeople.

Her father, who is an alcoholic, is a source of tension in Mae’s life, and she struggles to connect with him.

Mae also has a strained relationship with her old friend Casey, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Game Plot

Night in the Woods is divided into four acts, each of which explores different aspects of Mae’s story and character development.

Act 1 introduces Mae and her hometown of Possum Springs. Mae has just returned home after dropping out of college and is struggling to readjust to life in her small, declining town.

She reconnects with her old friends, Gregg and Angus, and spends her days exploring the town and causing trouble.

However, Mae Borowski also begins to experience strange and unsettling dreams and visions, hinting at the darker forces at play in the town.

Act 2 sees Mae Borowski and her friends investigating the strange occurrences in Possum Springs, including a series of disappearances and strange happenings at the town’s abandoned mines.

Along the way, Mae learns more about her town’s history and the forces that are tearing it apart, and she begins to grapple with her sense of purpose and identity.

She also begins to form a deeper relationship with one of her friends, depending on the choices the player makes.

In Act 3, Mae’s mental health begins to deteriorate as she experiences vivid nightmares and hallucinations.

She becomes increasingly isolated and withdrawn, pushing away her friends and struggling to make sense of the strange forces at play in the town.

However, she also begins to uncover some dark secrets about her family and the town’s history, which further complicates her already troubled mental state.

Finally, Act 4 sees Mae and her friends confronting the supernatural force that has been haunting Possum Springs.

They must work together to save the town from destruction, battling against powerful forces of darkness and confronting the truth about themselves and their place in the world.

The game’s ending is bittersweet and emotionally charged, with Mae Borowski and her friends coming to a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with each other.

Night in the Woods is a powerful and poignant exploration of modern life, with a rich and complex narrative that offers plenty of depth and nuance.

The game’s themes of mental health, identity, and social responsibility make it a powerful commentary on contemporary society, and its memorable characters and engaging gameplay make it an experience that players will not soon forget.

Top Quotes

Mae’s sarcastic wit and introspective musings make her one of the most quotable video game characters in recent memory. Here are a few of her top quotes:

  • “Sometimes I think I just don’t understand people. Like, how they can all exist in the same space as me and be so different.”
  • “I used to think I’d be an awful person if I didn’t have a job. But, like, honestly? It’s not like anyone cares.”
  • “Everything feels bad all the time. So I’m just like, whatever.”
  • “I have no idea what I’m doing, but that’s kind of the fun part, right?”
  • “I don’t know how to exist in a world where I don’t exist.”

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Mae Borowski is a complex and compelling character who embodies the anxieties and struggles of modern youth.
Her story is one of self-discovery and growth, as she learns to confront her fears and anxieties and comes to understand the importance of friendship and community.
Night in the Woods is a powerful and poignant commentary on modern life, with themes of mental health, identity, and social responsibility that resonate with players of all ages.
Mae’s sarcastic wit and introspective musings make her a quotable and relatable character, and her story is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost or unsure of their place in the world.

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