Emet Selch: The Good Looking Villain

One of the most memorable characters in Final Fantasy XIV is Emet Selch, the primary antagonist of the Shadowbringers expansion. Emet Selch is a member of the ancient race known as the Ascians, a group of beings that have been manipulating the course of history for thousands of years. He serves as the primary antagonist of the Shadowbringers expansion, where he seeks to bring about the end of the world and return it to its original state. He is also known as Hades

Emet Selch


Emet Selch’s personality is multifaceted and complex, making him a compelling antagonist.

While he often speaks with a tone of condescension and superiority, he is also a character with a deep sense of purpose and conviction.

He believes that the world is corrupt and needs to be returned to its original state, and he is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals.

Emet Selch is also a character who values knowledge and understanding.

He is willing to share information with his enemies if he believes it will help them understand his motives, and he often speaks in cryptic riddles that force others to think deeply about his words.

Despite his calm and collected demeanor, Emet Selch is not without emotion. He is deeply affected by the loss of his fellow Ascians and is willing to take extreme measures to bring them back.

He is also capable of showing empathy, as seen when he shares a moment of camaraderie with the Warrior of Light in the game’s climactic battle.

Emet Selch’s personality is one of the key factors that make him such a memorable and intriguing character.

His motivations and convictions, combined with his intelligence and emotional depth, make him a worthy adversary for the Warrior of Light and a fascinating figure in the world of Final Fantasy XIV.


Emet Selch has a distinctive appearance, with a tall and slender frame and sharp facial features.

He wears a long white robe with gold trim and has long, silver hair that cascades down his back.


Emet Selch wields a powerful staff, which allows him to harness the energy of the Void and control the course of history.

He is also a skilled mage, able to summon powerful creatures known as primals to do his bidding.


Emet Selch is a member of the Ascians, a group of beings that share his desire to return the world to its original state.

He is also allied with the Garlean Empire, a powerful military force that seeks to conquer the world and bring about its own vision of order.


Emet Selch’s main enemies are the Warrior of Light and their companions, a group of adventurers who seek to stop him and save the world from destruction.

He is also opposed by the Eorzean Alliance, a coalition of nations that band together to fight against the Garlean Empire.

Origin Story:

Emet Selch’s origin story is closely tied to the lore of Final Fantasy XIV, and it provides important context for his motivations and actions throughout the game.

Emet Selch was originally an Ascian, a race of powerful beings who were responsible for the creation of the world of Hydaelyn.

The Ascians were split into two factions: the Convocation, who believed in the power of creation, and the Unsundered, who sought to preserve the original world.

Emet Selch was a member of the Convocation, and he played a key role in creating the world of Hydaelyn.

As time passed, he became disillusioned with the world he had helped to create. He believed that the people of Hydaelyn had lost touch with their true nature and had become corrupt.

To rectify this, Emet Selch orchestrated a plan to summon Zodiark, an ancient being that the Convocation had sealed away long ago.

Emet Selch believed that Zodiark could restore the world to its original state, and he was willing to sacrifice anything to achieve his goal.

Over time, Emet Selch’s actions led to a conflict between the Ascians and the people of Hydaelyn, with the Warrior of Light ultimately standing in his way.

Despite this, Emet Selch remained committed to his cause until the bitter end, showing just how deeply his convictions ran.

Emet Selch’s origin story is a tragic one, as it shows how a once-proud creator became disillusioned with his creation and was willing to do anything to set things right.

It adds an extra layer of depth to the character and makes him all the more compelling as an antagonist.

Game Plot:

The plot of Final Fantasy XIV revolves around the Warrior of Light, a hero who has been chosen by the gods to defend the world of Hydaelyn from various threats.

One of these threats is the Ascians, a group of powerful beings who seek to bring about the return of their god Zodiark and restore the world to its original state.

Throughout the game, the Warrior of Light battles against various Ascians, including Emet Selch.

He is first introduced as a mysterious figure who manipulates events from behind the scenes, but he eventually reveals himself as one of the game’s primary antagonists.

As the game progresses, it becomes clear that Emet Selch is not simply an evil villain, but a complex and multifaceted character with his motivations and beliefs.

He believes that the world of Hydaelyn has become corrupt and needs to be returned to its original state, and he sees Zodiark as the key to achieving this goal.

The Warrior of Light and Emet Selch eventually clash in a dramatic battle, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

In the end, the Warrior of Light emerges victorious, but not before Emet Selch delivers a poignant monologue about the nature of life and death.

The plot of Final Fantasy XIV is an epic and engaging tale that spans multiple expansions and features a wide range of memorable characters and moments.

Emet Selch’s role in the story is a key part of this, as he adds depth and complexity to the game’s overarching conflict and provides a worthy adversary for the Warrior of Light.

Top Quotes:

Emet Selch has several memorable quotes throughout the game, including:

  • “Death is not an end, but a new beginning.”
  • “The darkness can be a friend to those who embrace it.”
  • “The sins of the past are not so easily erased.”
  • “The world must be unmade so that it may be born anew.”
  • “The light that shines on this land shall fade, as it has always done. Like the setting sun, it will fade into memory…as the new dawn rises in its place.”


Emet Selch is a complex and fascinating character, with a deep sense of purpose and conviction that drives him to seek the destruction of the world. His calm and collected demeanor, combined with his powerful magic and connection to the Void, make him a formidable opponent for the Warrior of Light and their companions.

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