Zidane Tribal: The Charming Thief

Zidane Tribal is the protagonist of the video game Final Fantasy IX. He is a thief with a heart of gold, whose journey takes him from a small-time thief to a hero tasked with saving the world. Throughout the game, Zidane’s personality, looks, weapons, allies, and enemies evolve, making him one of the most dynamic characters in the Final Fantasy series. Zidane Tribal

Zidane Tribal


Zidane Tribal is a charismatic and confident character who has a love for adventure and thrills.

He is often seen as a playful and carefree individual, who is not afraid to speak his mind. Despite his light-hearted demeanor, Zidane is also very perceptive and has a knack for reading people.

He is a natural leader who is always willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect his friends and loved ones.

Throughout the game, Zidane Tribal shows tremendous growth and maturity as he confronts difficult decisions and learns from his mistakes.


Zidane is a young man with spiky, blonde hair and a distinctive monkey tail. He wears a tight, blue vest, white pants, and brown boots.

His outfit is completed by a red bandana and a golden tail ornament.

Zidane’s attire is reminiscent of a pirate or a thief, reflecting his status as a member of the Tantalus Theater Troupe.

Despite his unusual appearance, Zidane Tribal is a handsome and athletic individual who exudes confidence and charm.


Zidane’s weapon of choice is a set of twin daggers, which he wields with incredible speed and agility.

He is also capable of using various thief abilities, such as steal and mug, to gain an advantage in battles.

As the game progresses, Zidane Tribal acquires more powerful daggers and learns new abilities, making him an indispensable member of the party.


Zidane Tribal has several allies throughout Final Fantasy IX, all of whom play significant roles in the game’s story and themes. Here are some of his notable allies:

Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII: Known as Dagger, she is the princess of Alexandria and one of Zidane’s closest allies. She joins Zidane Tribal on his journey to uncover the truth about her mother, Queen Brahne, and the larger conspiracy involving the Eidolons.

Vivi Ornitier: A black mage who joins Zidane’s party early on in the game. Vivi struggles with his identity and purpose, and his relationship with Zidane is central to his character development.

Adelbert Steiner: The captain of the Knights of Pluto and a loyal servant to Princess Garnet. Steiner initially opposes Zidane Tribal and his allies but later becomes a key member of the party.

Freya Crescent: A dragon knight and member of Burmecia’s army. Freya is searching for her lost love, Sir Fratley, and her relationship with Zidane is one of the game’s most poignant.

Quina Quen: A genderless Qu marshmallow chef and Blue Mage. Quina is a quirky and eccentric character who joins Zidane’s party to explore new cuisine and improve their culinary skills.

Eiko Carol: A summoner who lives in the village of Madain Sari. Eiko is the last of her kind and joins Zidane’s party to help stop the world’s destruction.

Each of Zidane’s allies brings their unique perspectives, abilities, and stories to the game’s narrative. The bonds of friendship and camaraderie that form between Zidane and his allies are one of the game’s central themes and are integral to the game’s emotional resonance.


Zidane Tribal faces many powerful enemies throughout his journey in Final Fantasy IX. Here are some of his notable enemies:

Queen Brahne: The ruler of Alexandria and Garnet’s mother. Brahne becomes corrupted by power and seeks to obtain the power of the Eidolons to become the most powerful ruler in the world.

Kuja: A mysterious and powerful mage who initially appears to be working with Queen Brahne. Kuja is working towards his own goals and seeks to obtain ultimate power by manipulating both Brahne and the party.

Garland: A powerful mage who serves as the game’s primary antagonist. Garland is the creator of the world and seeks to merge it with another dimension to achieve ultimate power and immortality.

Lani: A bounty hunter who is hired to capture Zidane and the party. Lani is a formidable warrior who seeks to capture Zidane for her reasons.

Beatrix: A powerful general in Alexandria’s army who initially serves as an antagonist. Beatrix is a skilled fighter who eventually defects from Brahne’s side and becomes an ally to Zidane and his allies.

Black Waltz: A group of powerful mage soldiers created by Queen Brahne. The Black Waltzes serve as recurring bosses throughout the game and are instrumental in Brahne’s schemes.

Each of Zidane’s enemies presents a unique challenge and adds depth to the game’s narrative. The game’s themes of power, corruption, and manipulation are explored through Zidane’s struggles against his enemies. The game’s memorable villains, including Kuja and Garland, are some of the most iconic in the Final Fantasy series.

Game Plot

The game’s story is divided into four acts, each with its distinct themes and settings.

Act 1: The Kidnapping of Princess Garnet

The game opens with Zidane Tribal and his fellow Tantalus members kidnapping Princess Garnet of Alexandria during a performance.

The group plans to ransom Garnet back to the kingdom but soon discovers that she has her reasons for leaving the kingdom. T

he group becomes embroiled in a larger conspiracy involving the queen of Alexandria, who seeks to obtain the power of the Eidolons for her purposes.

Act 2: The Road to Burmecia

Zidane Tribal and his allies embark on a journey to stop Queen Brahne and uncover the truth about the Eidolons.

Along the way, they visit the cities of Lindblum and Burmecia, encountering new allies and enemies.

The group also confronts the Black Waltz, a group of powerful mage soldiers created by Brahne.

Act 3: The Return to Alexandria

Zidane Tribal and his allies return to Alexandria to confront Queen Brahne and her army.

They discover that Brahne has obtained the power of the eidolons and has become corrupted by it.

The group also confronts Beatrix, a powerful general in Brahne’s army who defects to their side.

Act 4: The World’s Destruction

Zidane Tribal and his allies discover that a powerful mage named Kuja is manipulating events from behind the scenes.

Kuja seeks to obtain ultimate power by using the power of the eidolons and merging the world with another dimension.

The group travels to the mystical world of Terra to stop Kuja and confront Garland, the creator of the world.

The game’s climactic finale involves a battle against Kuja and a race against time to stop the world’s destruction.

Throughout the game’s narrative, the themes of friendship, identity, and the nature of power are explored through Zidane’s struggles and his relationships with his allies and enemies. The game’s narrative is rich and complex, filled with memorable characters and moments that have made it a beloved classic of the Final Fantasy series.

Top Quotes

Zidane Tribal is a character with a charming and witty personality, and as such, he has several memorable quotes throughout the game. Here are some of Zidane’s most iconic quotes:

  • “You don’t need a reason to help people.”
  • “We came to save you, of course! You’re not the only one who can make a dramatic entrance.”
  • “The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty.”
  • “I don’t need a past to know who I am.”
  • “You don’t need wings to fly.”
  • “You don’t need a reason to help people who are in trouble.”
  • “Why do you have to act so cool all the time? You’re just a big softie, aren’t you?”
  • “The only thing I’m committed to right now is seeing what’s behind this door.”


Zidane Tribal is one of the most beloved protagonists in the Final Fantasy series. His charismatic personality, dynamic character development, and engaging storyline make him a fan favorite. Throughout Final Fantasy IX, Zidane and his allies confront powerful enemies, uncover hidden truths, and ultimately save the world from destruction. Zidane’s growth and development as a character are central to the game’s themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery. Whether you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series or a newcomer to the franchise, Zidane’s journey is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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