Tron Bonne: The Powerful Air Pirate

Tron Bonne is a character from the popular video game series, Mega Man Legends. She is a skilled pilot and engineer, and the leader of a group of air pirates known as the Bonne family. Tron is known for her fiery personality, intelligence, and loyalty to her family.

Tron Bonne
Tron Bonne (Img credit: Zabelin)


Tron Bonne is a strong-willed and independent woman. She is confident in her abilities and is not afraid to take risks. Tron can be hot-headed at times, but she is also caring and protective of her family.

She is fiercely loyal to her brother, Teisel, and will do anything to protect him. Tron is also very determined and will not give up on a task until she has completed it successfully.

She is 14 years old, 5’1″ tall, and weighs 43 kg.


Tron Bonne was born into the Bonne family, a group of air pirates who are notorious for their daring heists and raids.

Tron grew up with her older brother, Teisel, and younger brother, Bon Bonne.

Tron showed an interest in engineering and mechanics from a young age and would often help her father in his workshop.

As she got older, Tron Bonne became more involved in the family business of air piracy.

She became the leader of the Bonne family and started to take on more complex and dangerous missions.

Tron Bonne’s skills as a pilot and engineer soon became well-known throughout the world, and she gained a reputation as one of the most formidable air pirates in the skies.


Tron Bonne is known for her iconic outfit, which consists of a red and yellow jumpsuit with a matching helmet.

She also wears black boots and gloves and carries a wrench as her weapon of choice.

Tron’s jumpsuit has a Bonne family emblem on the chest, which is a skull with crossed wrenches underneath.

Tron Bonne’s appearance has remained consistent throughout the Mega Man Legends series, with only minor variations in her outfit and hairstyle.


Tron Bonne’s weapon of choice is a giant wrench, which she uses in combat to bash her enemies.

She is also a skilled mechanic and can modify her weapon to have different functions, such as a rocket launcher or a laser beam.

Tron Bonne also has access to a variety of vehicles and machines, which she can use to aid her in combat or to complete missions.

Her most famous vehicle is the Gesellschaft, a massive airship that serves as the Bonne family’s base of operations.


As a character in the Mega Man Legends game series, Tron Bonne has several allies that aid her in her adventures:

  1. Servbots: Tron’s loyal robotic minions, assist her with tasks such as building and repairing machines, piloting vehicles, and carrying out her orders.
  2. Bonne Family: Tron’s family of air pirates, including her brothers, sisters, and grandfather. While they may have their differences, the Bonne family is fiercely loyal to one another.
  3. Mega Man Volnutt: The main protagonist of the Mega Man Legends series, Mega Man is an ally of Tron in some games and a rival in others. They share a complicated relationship, with Tron Bonne sometimes aiding Mega Man and other times trying to defeat him.
  4. Roll Caskett: Mega Man’s partner and close friend, Roll is also an ally of Tron’s. While they may have their differences, Roll and Tron share a mutual respect’s engineering skills.
  5. Glyde: A fellow air pirate and Tron’s love interest, Glyde is also an ally in some games. However, he is sometimes at odds with Tron and her family over their different methods and goals.


As a character in the Mega Man Legends game series, Tron Bonne also has several enemies that she encounters throughout her adventures:

  1. Mega Man Volnutt: While Mega Man is also an ally of Tron in some games, he is also a rival and an enemy in others. As a fellow treasure hunter and adventurer, Mega Man often stands in Tron’s way as she tries to obtain valuable artifacts and resources.
  2. Reaverbots: Mechanical creatures that inhabit the ruins and ancient sites throughout the game world, Reaverbots often pose a threat to Tron and her allies. They can be powerful and difficult to defeat, and Tron must often use her engineering skills to overcome them.
  3. Bonne Family Rivals: Other air pirate gangs, including the Gesellschaft and the Marlwolf, often clash with the Bonne family over territory and resources. These rival groups can be dangerous and unpredictable, and Tron must be careful to avoid or defeat them.
  4. Sera: A mysterious woman who appears later in the series, Sera is a powerful antagonist who seeks to destroy humanity and rebuild the world in her image. Tron and her allies must band together to stop Sera and her minions before it’s too late.

Tron’s enemies provide a challenge and a sense of danger to the Mega Man Legends game series. They help to create a compelling story and keep players engaged as they navigate the game world.

Game Plot

Mega Man Legends

In Mega Man Legends, Tron serves as the main antagonist and leader of the Bonne family.


Tron Bonne (Img credit: djangoultra)

is determined to find the legendary treasure known as the Mother Lode, which is said to hold great power and wealth.

Tron and her brothers launch a series of attacks on various locations to find the Mother Lode, but they are continually thwarted by Mega Man and his allies.

Tron is a skilled pilot and engineer, and she often creates powerful robots and machines to aid in her attacks.

She is also a skilled hacker and uses her knowledge to infiltrate computer systems and gain information.

Throughout the game, Tron becomes increasingly frustrated with Mega Man and his interference, and she becomes more determined than ever to find Mother Lode.

However, her ultimate plan is foiled by Mega Man and his allies, and she is forced to retreat.

Mega Man Legends 2

In Mega Man Legends 2, Tron and her brother’s team up with Mega Man to explore a mysterious island in search of a legendary ship.

Tron and Mega Man develop a closer relationship as they work together, but their alliance is ultimately broken when Tron’s loyalty to her family is tested.

As they explore the island, Tron and her brothers face off against a group of air pirates who are also searching for the ship.

Tron’s engineering skills come in handy as she creates powerful machines and robots to aid in their battles.

In the end, Tron’s loyalty to her family puts her at odds with Mega Man and his allies, and she is forced to fight against them.

In the final battle, Tron realizes the true nature of the ship they were searching for and joins forces with Mega Man to save the day.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

In The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Tron is the main protagonist of the game. The story follows Tron as she attempts to raise enough money to pay off a debt owed to a loan shark.

Tron must complete a series of missions and heists to gather the funds she needs, all while avoiding the attention of the police and rival air pirates.

Along the way, Tron must also deal with the antics of her pet Servbot, Kobun, who often causes trouble and gets into mischief.

Throughout the game, Tron’s loyalty to her family is tested as she must decide between following their orders and doing what she believes is right.

The game is a lighthearted adventure that showcases Tron’s skills as a pilot, engineer, and thief.

Tron Bonne’s role in the game plots of the Mega Man Legends series is varied and dynamic.

She serves as both a villain and a hero, and her loyalty to her family is often put to the test.

Her engineering skills and piloting abilities make her a formidable opponent, and her sassy personality and memorable quotes have made her a fan-favorite character.

Top Quotes

Tron Bonne is known for her sassy and confident personality and has several memorable quotes throughout the Mega Man Legends series. Some of her top quotes include:

  • “Hey, don’t underestimate me just because I’m a girl!”
  • “I can’t let Mega Man beat me!”
  • “What do you think, do I look pretty cool?”
  • “I’m gonna get that treasure if it’s the last thing I do!”
  • “I’m the boss of the Bonne family, and nobody messes with me!”


  1. Tron was originally intended to be a one-time villain in Mega Man Legends, but her popularity among fans led to her becoming a recurring character in the series.
  2. Tron’s name is a play on the French word “bonne,” which means “good” or “nice.”
  3. Tron’s character design was inspired by the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot.
  4. Tron’s signature color is pink, which is reflected in her clothing, vehicles, and robots.
  5. Tron is often depicted wearing a pair of large goggles, which she uses for piloting and engineering.
  6. Tron has a pet Servbot named Kobun, who often causes trouble and gets into mischief.
  7. Tron’s Japanese voice actress is Mayumi Lizuka. In English, Caroly Larson voices Tron.
  8. Tron’s weapon of choice is the Gustaff, a large robot that she pilots into battle.
  9. Tron is known for her sassy and confident personality, often taunting her opponents with witty one-liners.
  10. Tron has appeared as a playable character in various Capcom crossover games, including Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.
  11. Tron’s Gustaff robot is often compared to the iconic Gundam mecha from the popular anime series.
  12. Tron’s signature move is the “Servebot Toss,” in which she picks up and throws one of her Servbots at her opponents.
  13. Tron has a rivalry with Mega Man’s ally Roll, who is also a skilled engineer.
  14. Tron’s last name, Bonne, is shared by her two brothers, Teisel and Bon, who also serve as her partners in crime.
  15. Tron’s popularity among fans has led to various merchandise and fan art, including cosplay and figurines.

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Tron Bonne is a beloved character in the Mega Man Legends series and is known for her confident personality, engineering skills, and loyalty to her family. She has become a fan favorite among gamers and has appeared in several games throughout the years. Tron’s iconic outfit, weapon, and pet Servbot have become iconic symbols of the series, and her memorable quotes and sassy attitude have made her a beloved character among fans. Whether she’s flying the skies in the Gesellschaft or bashing enemies with her giant wrench, Tron Bonne is a force to be reckoned with and a true legend in the world of video games.


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